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Capturing any moments as I lived day by day at a particular place in this City and surround, as an effort to contribute something better, by giving the other point of view for this city, the view from my lens.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Funny Graffiti

This graffiti was spotted at Bandung train station, East sector wall. As a frequent user of this train station, this is the first time I saw this graffiti. No wonder, this sector are rarely to roamed by public, because most in this sector are repairing and maintenance facility. only the train station employee and few people are used to be in this sector. 
I'm not really sure about what this graffiti tried to tell but I like the cute little train playing the remote control. It's quite strange tough, seeing this "kids play" graffiti, as the people around this spot are mostly adult and some "oil and grease  macho"  type mechanics. But it really fill the blank wall with some fun indeed..

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Roemah Kopi - "The coffee House"

Roemah Kopi (Coffee House) at Dago Atas North Bandung. One of my favorite place to find any kind of black coffee. I regularly visit this place on weekend.
This time I'm going to try "Luwak" coffee, one of very strong black coffee in the coffee family. And have a very unusual story on its making process (more on this later)..

Friday, 12 March 2010

Pasupati Bridge

5th Anniversary Tribute to Eric of Paris Daily Photo. To celebrate and honor the very strong commitment for posted 1834 photos since March 11 2005, every single day without miss.

This is the photo of the Pasupati Bridge, the best landmark that Bandung people ever have.  Specially posted  for March Blog Day Tribute to celebrate Eric’s Paris Daily Photo blog. Happy 5th Anniversary.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Batman Win

When there is a cry, there must be a regret. Even for the kids..

On another important note :

Recently this blog got two awards, Sunshine award from Renee of Rochester Daily Photo 
and Happy 101 Award from Arabesque of Mabuhay-Manila
I'm honored and really happy to accept these awards.. Thank you Dear Renee and Arabesque..

It say that I'll have to pass these awards to other 12 great blogs, I feel that I'm not a person who capable enough to give others an award yet. But I'll share this honor and great respect to appreciate all of your hard works in photography and bloging. I'll dedicate this honor to :

- City Daily Photo
- Bandung Daily Photo
- Sumedang Daily Photo
- Bogor Daily Photo
- Tallahassee Daily Photo
- This Is Bohol...
- Tokorozawa Daily Photo
- Life in Manila.... and elsewhere
- Beth Niquette Fine Art
- Worth a Thousands Words
- Brookville Daily Photo
- Eagan Daily Photo

Thank you, and have a nice day to all of you...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Kerjabakti - Social works and togetherness

We Indonesian people are attached each other socially in a way of harmony like a big family. Of course, I believe everybody in the world would do the same with their unique way, it just the different way of how Bandung country side people interact each other in a social basis. As a part of big family, we help each other, works together and gain the prosperity from cooperation.

This is what we called "Kerjabakti" a cooperative social works by the people of the country side usually to show, when there are something to build or to fixed in their village. Build a water channel for the paddy field, build a mosque or just fixing the land slide blocking the road. They do it together with no demands of payment or return. It involves a lot of people, men doing their "manly" things and the women, provide a lunch or just a fresh lemon tea.
Usually it held on sunday, when everybody are likely being at home. No need to be a professional to do this, just strong hands with the right tools and the social soul of course. Some times it just like a festival as the people from the neighbor village are drop by to help.
We do it socially, we do it for free, for the prosperity, and of course, we do it with fun.. 

Specially posted for MyWorld Tuesday, check the link for other great posts around the world.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Old man with his old friend

Posted for monochrome weekend to give my credit and honor to the farmers all over the world. Thank you for dealing with the mud to support the city lives.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

"Een Stad Is Gebouwd" - Monument of Bandung 0 Km

This is Bandung 0 km monument, placed at Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung.
Lets the picture tell the story it self.... enjoy


the description :

the complete view :
Since then are never ending hard work  until this moment and forward in Bandung. And this one, definitely done the job well for Bandung.

All the journey was started here 200 years ago. And for the few months ahead we are looking forward to celebrate "Her birhtday"...

That was the brief history of Bandung : the city that started from a single wooden stick.
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