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Capturing any moments as I lived day by day at a particular place in this City and surround, as an effort to contribute something better, by giving the other point of view for this city, the view from my lens.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday noon

Rusty Cimahi town  watch at Monday noon.


Jacob said...

Oops! Looks the rust has done its work! Love the shot, though; I like clocks!

Photo Cache said...

great capture. maybe the govt will make sure this clock works now that you've featured this on your blog.

arabesque said...

so much art in this picture.
reminded me of coldplay's song the clocks. ^0^

Lois said...

I love clocks and this one is very nice! The sky is pretty in this shot too.

J Bar said...

Great clock and sky. I'm following your blog now.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Wira Santosa said...

Wah, sepertinya jam ini tidak hanya berkarat, tapi juga tidak menunjukkan waktu yang tepat. Kalau melihat judul, Monday Noon, seharusnya jarum menunjuk ke sekitar angka 12, tapi ini malah numpuk di angka 6. Hehe... Mas Deden sungguh jeli menangkap momen.

bunnyatax said...

wah wah it's my hometown

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