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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Orphan's Message

 "Hang on me tight, starting from this line, I'm the one who will take care of you, Brother..."

This is one of my picture displayed by charity organization in my town on their orphan fund raising program once  in a while ago. They used my picture for their promo. I'm not a real photographer but I'm happy to help them saying the orphan's message. Now you can enjoy this picture here and I hope it will tell the exact same voice. "Don't let them lived alone."


Anonymous said...

Interesting photograph. Shows how much of this world is today. Many orphans brought about by wars that are senseless.

Indrani said...

Wow! A winner shot!
Well done!

Jacob said...

What do mean you're not a real photographer...anyone who can take a photo like this is "real"!

Looks like a professional to me.

Great job and congrats on having your photography recognized!

Lois said...

It's beautiful Deden and I think you are a real photographer! What a wonderful organization.

Anonymous said...

What? Of course you are a real photographer! That's a powerful image you took. Well done!!!!! :)

Wira Santosa said...

Wah, pepatah ilmu padi benar2 cocok buat Mas Deden. Semakin berisi semakin merunduk. Saya sependapat dengan komentator2 di atas: This photo can only be produced by a real photographer. Sangat indah, dan menyentuh.

arabesque said...

very touching foto... no wonder it was chosen. ^0^
kudos to your great artistry and good eye!

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