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Friday, 5 March 2010

Broken window

Broken window of Panti Karya building at Jalan Merdeka Bandung. It was used to be a great building, one of very popular theater house in Bandung in 1960's era. It has been abandoned very long time ago.


Lois said...

Sad to see abandoned buildings. We have quite a few here too.

arabesque said...

dilapidated but beautiful, now, that's an irony! ^0^ i notice the bldg. has grown some moss on the sides already. nice.

Photo Cache said...

Nice find. Do you know there's a meme called WINDOW VIEWS AND DOORS TOO? You might want to enter windows like this on that meme.

Happy weekend.

Deden said...

That's nice info, thank you. I'll post on it next time I get new picture..
Thank you for visit and appreciating comment everyone..

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the buildings that fall into disrepair make for excellent photos. This one has! :)

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