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Capturing any moments as I lived day by day at a particular place in this City and surround, as an effort to contribute something better, by giving the other point of view for this city, the view from my lens.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Great Mosque's Tower at Night

This is the view of Alun-alun Bandung  (Bandung Town Square) captured at night. Placed at Jalan Asia-Afrika and not pretty far from The Concordia building I've been posted before. The two tower in the picture are the twin tower of Bandung Great Mosque.


Leif Hagen said...

That's an awesome night street view! I hope you'll show us a photo of the mosque in the daylight so we can see the entire mosque.

Deden said...

I do in my plan to capture the scene in a day light, and since you ask for it, I'll do my best to show the entire mosque soon. thanks for your kindness Leif.

Jacob said...

Greetings, Deden...thanks for stopping by Cedar Key DP!

You have a wonderful blog that I haven't seen before. I been scrolling through your photos and find the pictures and your commentary very interesting.

This particular photo is excellent, and gives the viewer a real sense of the excitement and energy of this town square!

I'll be back!

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

A beautiful photo of the towers an moving traffic below, all in golden light.
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Photo Cache said...

You have a great blog. Terrific photos.

asm said...

Nice bright lights!

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