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Capturing any moments as I lived day by day at a particular place in this City and surround, as an effort to contribute something better, by giving the other point of view for this city, the view from my lens.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Trees

Something are become usual when we saw it many times. Like the streets toward your home. Feels nothing special about it right? Including my own at the first place. This picture are captured at the corner of the street near my house, very usual scene for me as i walk it hundreds of time so far. But something amazed me when I saw it from a lens point of view, I purposeless shot the scene, see the picture then i feel the different. Try it too and see the different.


Hilda said...

A very scenic road. Almost hard to believe it's in a city.

Welcome to the CDP community! Happy photoblogging!

asm said...

Would love to go cycling in this wonderful place.

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