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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Saturday I'm in Love

Well, actually they're the one who's in love here, not me, I'm the one who sits alone in the corner with my camera, tired after long ride with my bike I decide to take a break in a rest area along the sideways and found this  happy couple as they enjoy their Saturday evening together. Here, Saturday is a day for a loving couple to meet and have fun.  I'm pretty happy to capture the energy and bring it here for you.

Anyway, this is Saturday night, and the weekend seems still long way to ride, so why don't take their energy  with you and shows it to your lover one. If there is a best time to say "I love You", it would be right now.


Leif Hagen said...

Happy Valentine's Day which we celebrate here on Feb 14! I guess you do, too, right? A day to especially express love to friends, family and special ones, too!

Lois said...

They are a lovely couple and your picture is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

If you wanted to take a picture of a couple standing there looking out into the future, you got it.

If you wanted to take a picture of a young couple in love, you missed it.

Remember you always focus on the idea or the thing you saw in the scene before your snapped the shutter.

Not many people ask me but you asked me in your comment how to make a better picture.

Deden said...

That's what I need Abe, you're right, we are the photographer are creating the picture not only captured it. I got it. Thank you for the tip, I Really appreciated it.

Kris said...

That really is a magnificent picture. Love is all sorts of things, and I can see it here.

Kaori said...

What a lovely post! And a great image to go with it! Thank you for adding me to your list :)

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