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Capturing any moments as I lived day by day at a particular place in this City and surround, as an effort to contribute something better, by giving the other point of view for this city, the view from my lens.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Spider Web

Oh dear,... this city are definitely need more spaces. Space for the road, for the side walk, the stores, and the electric cable line!! it's everywhere and it looks like a spider web. This view are captured at the juction road in front of Cimahi Goverment Office and Town Center ("Alun-alun Cimahi). The satelite city at the west side of Bandung, 20 km away from the center of Bandung. So far, the traffic are very well controlled, but it won't last any longer. The unbalanced space distribution are the most famous problem in major of city in here.


Leif Hagen said...

I like the title - Spider Web! It is quite a web of wires! WELCOME for the City Daily Photo blog community! Good luck with your future postings -
Warm regards from cold, snowy EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

asm said...

We've got the same spider webs in our place.

Deden said...

@Leif : Thank you for your warm greeting, very nice of you.

@asm : it is common and everywhere, their always captured in every building shot at the city.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shot! You combined all of the elements in your composition perfectly.

I might add that a Spider likely has better city planning skills than we do!

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