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Saturday, 6 March 2010

"Een Stad Is Gebouwd" - Monument of Bandung 0 Km

This is Bandung 0 km monument, placed at Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung.
Lets the picture tell the story it self.... enjoy


the description :

the complete view :
Since then are never ending hard work  until this moment and forward in Bandung. And this one, definitely done the job well for Bandung.

All the journey was started here 200 years ago. And for the few months ahead we are looking forward to celebrate "Her birhtday"...

That was the brief history of Bandung : the city that started from a single wooden stick.


asm said...

Very insteresting. So the city is really very nice.

Deden said...

thank you.. and have a nice weekend..

Anonymous said...

These are some very interesting shots and history.

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