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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Kerjabakti - Social works and togetherness

We Indonesian people are attached each other socially in a way of harmony like a big family. Of course, I believe everybody in the world would do the same with their unique way, it just the different way of how Bandung country side people interact each other in a social basis. As a part of big family, we help each other, works together and gain the prosperity from cooperation.

This is what we called "Kerjabakti" a cooperative social works by the people of the country side usually to show, when there are something to build or to fixed in their village. Build a water channel for the paddy field, build a mosque or just fixing the land slide blocking the road. They do it together with no demands of payment or return. It involves a lot of people, men doing their "manly" things and the women, provide a lunch or just a fresh lemon tea.
Usually it held on sunday, when everybody are likely being at home. No need to be a professional to do this, just strong hands with the right tools and the social soul of course. Some times it just like a festival as the people from the neighbor village are drop by to help.
We do it socially, we do it for free, for the prosperity, and of course, we do it with fun.. 

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Anonymous said...

I like the way you have processed these. The color is soothing with lots of texture. Interesting information in today's post also. Thank you. :)

Deden said...

I did put a little HDR touch there.. Glad you liked it.. :D

asm said...

I like your composition. The way people are helping each other for prosperity touches my heart.

Anonymous said...

It is a very nice post. And the way your society works together is like our society used to work together and some religious groups still do. Our German Baptists groups will come together to build a barn in a day or two. Things like that.

The civilized society we have in America now is such that the neighbor doesn't know the neighbor next door. We are a country of strangers for the most part. It is sad.

You asked about snow,


Snow, like this is icy cold. It is fluffy but melts in your hands. It is soft unless it is squeezed into a ball and then it gets harder almost like ice balls. You can eat it. It tastes like snow but not like drinking water. In the mountains where the tops are covered with snow, the water that runs down off of it also tastes just like snow you find at home in your front yard.

Deden said...

Thank you asm dear, I believe your society would do the same with their unique way..

Mr. Lincoln, as always, very detailed information you always give me.. thank you. I have decided, I have to see a snow before I grow old and die, :D

Anonymous said...

Deden,I have given you an award! Please stop by my blog to receive it.

Lois said...

How wonderful! Beautiful series of pictures Deden!

Beth Niquette said...

It reminds me of how it used to be in days gone past. If someone needed a new barn built, the men would have a barn raising, where the women brought the food and it was a time of fun and socializing.

I love your explanation, and the beauty of your people as they work together.

Photo Cache said...

Love the processing here. It's nice to feature the Asian spirit of "it takes a village".

Glennis said...

Lovely post, togetherness is a great way of getting a lot done very quickly and for making good friends, Indonesian people are just lovely especially the country peoples.

arabesque said...

hi deden, i love how these three came out like paintings, esp. the 1st one.
i think around here, we'd call it bayanihan, joining hands and helping out each other, not expecting anything in return. beautiful hdr editing. ^0^

i also gave you an award...just feel free to droop by and get it anytime. ^0^

Kaori said...

It's such a beautiful thing to see people helping each other because they care! They all look so alive and happy! Really great photos :D

bunnyatax said...

waas yey

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