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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Batman Win

When there is a cry, there must be a regret. Even for the kids..

On another important note :

Recently this blog got two awards, Sunshine award from Renee of Rochester Daily Photo 
and Happy 101 Award from Arabesque of Mabuhay-Manila
I'm honored and really happy to accept these awards.. Thank you Dear Renee and Arabesque..

It say that I'll have to pass these awards to other 12 great blogs, I feel that I'm not a person who capable enough to give others an award yet. But I'll share this honor and great respect to appreciate all of your hard works in photography and bloging. I'll dedicate this honor to :

- City Daily Photo
- Bandung Daily Photo
- Sumedang Daily Photo
- Bogor Daily Photo
- Tallahassee Daily Photo
- This Is Bohol...
- Tokorozawa Daily Photo
- Life in Manila.... and elsewhere
- Beth Niquette Fine Art
- Worth a Thousands Words
- Brookville Daily Photo
- Eagan Daily Photo

Thank you, and have a nice day to all of you...


Anonymous said...

Deden, you are so skilled at capturing such emotions! Another excellent shot today :)

Beth Niquette said...

Thank you so much for your comment today! I absolutely loved this photo. You caught the little fellow's emotions--he's so cute. You just want to scoop him up to comfort.

Lois said...

Congratulations on your awards Deden and thank you so much for passing them along to me! I am honored.

mia said...

Awww poor little boy! You can almost hear him wailing in this photo. Great shot!

Thank you so much for the award Deden! You are so sweet. Thank you thank you!

Photo Cache said...

You deserve the awards and I appreciate the mention.

And I say you deserve the award because of pics like this one, you captured the heart of the scene. Job well done.

arabesque said...

this shot' so candid,
it's that kids' look that reminded me of our neighbor who likes to cry all the time. ^0^

Kaori said...

Thank you for the award, Deden! And you are right, there's always a winner and a loser. But I'm sure that boy will be smiling in no time ;D

Tes said...

You captured the scene beautifully! Congratulations on receiving those awards. :)

asm said...

Thanks much for dedicating and sharing your awards unto me. It's a great honor that you have appreciated my blog. Have a nice weekend!

Dindin MK said...

Wah, hatur nuhun pisan kang awardna..
tapi saya teh kurang ngartos kumaha prosedur tentang award-award-an.. hehehe. :)

anymway, keep great posting bro!

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